Stairs Appear in a Hole Outside of Town

The first comic book. Popular and well-reviewed. 24 pages + cover. Color. Used in classrooms from Junior High to College. Really enjoyable! Not many copies left, so Order Now!

Unsolicited comments received in email or found on the internet, mostly from people previously unknown to the author or artists:

“I’m not very good with poetry but I liked this one.”
Pete Bevan, project manager & zombie writer, Worcester, UK

“One of my favorite poems that we’ve ever published… one of many stunning, surreal poems bridging the worlds of poetry and comics.”
Timothy Green, editor of Rattle, Los Angeles, California

“Intriguing, delicate terror.”
Kenny Williams, professional pet-and-house-sitter, Richmond, Virginia

“Really enjoyed it. A novel concept, carried out expertly.”
Mike Allen, science fiction writer and editor of Mythic Delirium

“The poems are all excellent, the illustrations/artwork are stunning, and the product is wonderful… truly amazing…”
Diane Severson Mori, Amazing Stories

“The imagery is quite superb.”
Geosi Gyasi, I.T.C. junior high teacher, Accra, Ghana

“I read Bones and Shadows. I must say, your work speaks to an uncatered to segment of poetry fans. It’s the first thing I’ve read in a long time that I thought was really brilliant. You don’t need to accept my friend request, just know that your work is appreciated. I’ll be looking for more!”
Rich Powell, Seattle Seahawks fan, Las Vegas, Nevada.

“This is one of my all-time favorite poems. Scarred me for life.”
Julie Price, English teacher, University Of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois

“What a treat!”
Donna Hilbert, self-employed, Northridge, California

“Pretty awesome merging of poetry and graphics.”
Kathleen Nalley Moore, English teacher, Clemson University, South Carolina

“Great poems, great artwork. Diverse poetic styles (all accessible to the non-poet reader), diverse art styles. In my case, it was ‘come for the stairs, stay for the zombie philosopher.’”
Tracy Mishkin

Laura M Kaminski, associate editor, near Annapolis, Missouri

“Wow, really cool…”
Jill K., student, somewhere in America