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Unsolicited praise for Stairs Appear in a Hole Outside of Town
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Goodreads reviews for "Stairs Appear in a Hole Outside of Town"

"String Theory by John Philip Johnson is mind-blowing trip.  What an imagination this poet has!  The poem travels from the present, to the past, to the futures that are and might have been, from the third dimension to the fourth dimension to a moment when there are no dimensions at all.  According to the bio, he has a story forthcoming in Daily Science Fiction--can't wait!" Steven Wittenberg Gordon, MD, Editor of Songs of Eretz Poetry Review

Someone quoted me on a blog, and this is a link to a remarkably long list of people who liked it and reblogged it. I am honored and amazed. You write this stuff alone in your little basement office, the former coal bin under the front porch, and yet lots of people all over respond to it.  

And here are some more comments on a different blog. It's funny to watch these things take on a life of their own. 

There are lots of other bloggers that like "Bones and Shadows" and "There Have Come Soft Rains," and also "Stairs Appear in a Hole Outside of Town."

Here's a Prezi a student did of "Bones and Shadows."

Here's another Prezi, in which I am placed in the "Black Mountain" school of poetry. ?  (I had an ancestor who was one of the Green Mountain Boys at Ticonderoga, so maybe that's what they were thinking of.)

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WOW! Thanks, Everyone, for your support of this project! We didn't know what people would think of poetry comics, but to our amazement and deep gratitude, 130 of you, mostly people I've never met, lifted it over $2600 and made it a reality!

Hopefully we will make lots of friends for poetry with this comic! People should know how much fun poetry can be!

Below is the inside front cover of the comic with all our sponsors' names!

Thanks, Everybody!

"Rebirth" by Daniele Paccaloni

"After the Changeling Incantation"
at Tabatha Yeatts's blog.
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