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Margaret's "But Soft" R&J cartoon,  some emmie stuff by Bernie, and maybe Soph's  Klimty Dreamer picture.
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four photos by Sophie Johnson -
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Gen's Letters -- Which one's are your favorites?

Bernie's Amaryllis
Marge's mouse
Young Raskalnikov, Summer 1982
Writers' Workshop
photograph by Charles Stubblefield
photo by Brian Magee
Going into battle, summer 2009
Susie with natural highlights!
Sophie's hand
Back in the day
Raskalnikov with His Best Friend Summer 1981 or 82, Writers' Workshop
photograph by Charles Stubblefield
Sophie's first magazine sale, spring 2009, to Kaleidatrope.  From a cover of a 1930's True Detective magazine.
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Delineating the world with my friend Eric Sack
The Mill, 48th Street, Lincoln Nebraska, 2010
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the Shat doing "Common People" with Joe Jackson           (Link Fixed)

Here is the live performance on the Tonight Show, which I LOVE!

More Bliss: The Shat, doing "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,."
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"Helmets are for ugly people"
Reading for the Mari Sandoz Short Story contest (3rd place)
Reading for the Nature Conservancy Prize (First Place)
Here is me walking and talking, telling my friend Jane from Australia why she should come to our place on the north shore of Whitefish Lake.

A future writers residency??? Artists + writers?
North Korea -- Best Korea!
Greatest Science Fiction Class Ever!
Spring, 2013, UNL.  What a Joy.
Miss you, Spacelings!
(and the only ones to ever find the zombie page on this site)
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