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John Philip Johnson, poet and writer

Publications & Awards


The Magazine of Fantasy
and Science Fiction (F&SF)                                   "Martian Garden"

Asimov's Science Fiction                  "Chimpans and Humanzees"
Star*Line                                                                                 "Lost Flight"

Word Life   (UK)                                                              "Stairs Appear"
illustrated by Julian Peters (reprint)

Not One of Us (Go Now)                          "Sarcophagus of Healing"

7x20                                                                       "I Came First, Eggless"


Mythic Delirium 2 (print anthology)                           "Love Song"

The Pedestal Magazine                                                      "Selenites"

Lit B ulb
Written with Jane Williams       "After a Long Correspondence"

Ted Kooser's column,
"American Life in Poetry"   "There Have Come Soft Rains"
Frist published in Rattle.     
Also at the Poetry Foundation
Re-printed at Verse Virtual.

Mythic Delirium      "Love Song"

Apex Magazine "Second Mouth"
Written with Salvatore Lombard  

St. Anthony Messegner           "November's Rumors"
November, 2015. Print only.

Eye to the Telescope                    The Truth of How it Sounded

Graphic Poetry Press
Stairs Appear in a Hole Outside of Town
A comic book of graphic poetry
Elgin-award nominated.

Rhysling Anthology              "After the Changeling Incantation"
THIRD PLACE, Rhysling Award, Short Poem

Lincoln Journal Star Full page review of our Comic Book


Ted Kooser's newspaper column,
"American Life in Poetry"   "Bones and Shadows"
(Also at the Poetry Foundation)

Rattle     "There Have Come Soft Rains"

Szortal "Obserwując rakiety"
( "Watching Rockets" in Polish, translated by Aleksandra Brożek-Sala. August 2014.)

Communion (Aus)                "The Secret Edge of the World"                                                                                       "Lunar Geese as Prey"

Niteblade                                                                    "Vampyrics"

Strange Horizons           " After the Changeling Incantation"
THIRD PLACE, Rhysling Award, short

Ginerbread House                               "Daphne Growing Up"


StarShipSofa, Planet Poetry             "String Theory"

Rocket Dragons Ignite                 "Watching Rockets"

Rhysling Anthology"Stairs Appear" & "String Theory"
SECOND PLACE, Rhysling Award, Long Peom,  "String..."
FOURTH PLACE, Rhysling Award, Short Poem, "Stairs..."

Rattle  Review of F.J. Bergmann's Out of the Black Forest

Star*Line    Reviews
John Amen's New Arca
Where Rockets Burn Through
and other reviews


Rattle 38                 "Stairs Appear in a Hole Outside of Town"
Rhysling Award nominated poem

James Gunn's Ad Astra                                         "String Theory"
(reviewed favorably here)
Rhysling Award nominated poem

Daily Science Fiction                                    "Watching Rockets"
My first short story pub!
And my first reviewer! Steve Wittenberg Gordan likes it!)

Spillway Magazine                                    "Mickey Mouse"
Mythic Delirium                                "Plutoid"
Star*Line Review of Do Metaphors Dream of Literal Sleep

UNL Mari Sandoz Prize for Fiction, 3rd Place                                                                                                       "Elizabeth's University"


2011 Nebraska Poets                                          "Winter"

Hobble Creek Review          "Liebchen (for Bill Kloefkorn)" 

Tales of the Zombie Wars       "You Are Horror and Light"


Dreams and Nightmares     "The Mind is Satan's Lawyer #5 "

Whistling Shade                              "Marshland Dusk"

Astropoetica                                     "Starstruck"

Rose & Thorn          "Gothic Poem"    (w/audio)
         "The Image"      (w/audio)

Word Riot       "My Wife & I on Cough Drops"


Southern Poetry Review                 "Imagine Crowd Noise"

Rattle         "Midas at the Beach" (w/audio)

Chicago Quarterly Review         "My Uncle and I Chatted"

Ruminate                             "The Ascension"

Euphony                           "Mea Lithos"

Vicious Verses   "You Are Horror and Light"


Willow Review "Beginning Again"

I quit poetry for about fifteen years


Nebraska English JournalArbor, Arboretum


Some one-lung quarterlies in college.
I wrote reams of poetry and lost most of it.
First editor of Laurus, 1983, still in publication today.

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