"Bones and Shadows"
in newspapers  and blogs all over the world
through former U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser's column,
"American Life in Poetry."
Slightly spooky.
John Philip Johnson
Poet, Writer & Comic Book Maker!

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Palling around with
Science Fiction Grandmaster,
Connie Willis!
She's really fun!

Oct. 24 to Nov. 23

WOW! Thanks, Everyone, for making it such a success! We had set our goal at $500 because we didn't know what people would think of this new kind of project. To our amazement and deep gratitude, we hit over $2600 with almost 130 supporters! And most of our supporters were people we have not yet met, so thanks so much!

Hopefully we can make a lot of friends for poetry and show people how much fun reading poetry can be!

Thank you very much!

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Stairs Appear in a Hole Outside of Town

Fun Graphic Poetry -- Like little Twilight Zone episodes
Published in Rattle, Strange Horizons, and Ted Kooser's newspaper column, "American Life in Poetry," as well as at the Poetry Foundation.

Illustrated by Marvel Comics Legend, Bob Hall; rising comics star Nate Hamel; internet phenom Julian Peters; Mike Lawlor, the creator of LeisureMan, and introducing Margo and Sophie Johnson.

High Praise from Regular People
Posted on the Internet by people previously unknown to the author or artists:

“I’m not very good with poetry but I liked this one.”
Pete Bevan, project manager & zombie writer, Worcester, UK

“One of my favorite poems that we've ever published… one of many stunning, surreal poems bridging the worlds of poetry and comics.”
Timothy Green, editor of Rattle, Los Angeles, California

“Intriguing, delicate terror.”
Kenny Williams, professional pet-and-house-sitter, Richmond, Virginia

- 24-pages + cover. Regular sized comic book (6 5/8 x 10 1/4")
- Full color (2 of the 5 artists chose b&w)
- Free digital copy (PDF) with any paper copy order
- Signed by author. (Contact us for special inscription requests.)
- Each comic bagged and boarded -- protective clear bag with cardboard backer
- $4.99 Paper Copy
- Postage $3.99  total, any quantity, including box of 10 orders. (USA only. Email me for Intl)
- Perfect gift for your cool-cat friends and fun-loving family!
- Ages 12+ based on Comixology standards (No nudity, swearing, or graphic violence)
Paper Comic
Digital Comic

Box of 10 Comics
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(with audio)
Cover Art Poster
13" x 18"
shipped rolled
14.99 + 3.99 postge
(US only)
3 Postacards: Bones and Shadows, Slinking by the Sofa, and Stairs Appear Cover Art. $1.99. Free postage (US only)
Swag Pack:
3 postcards + 4 stickers
(It was Him, She waited, They are too close, and Graphic Poetry Press)
(Stickers 2" -  4" wide)
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"Rebirth" by Daniele Paccaloni