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Comic Book -- paper copy
The best way to read it.
24 pages + cover pages. Full color. Standard size paper comic book.
Signed by author. High quality paper. Clear bag with cardboard backer.
Special, one-of-a-kind gift for readers, comics enjoyers, and poetry lovers. 
Regularly $5.00, Spring sale now only $2.49 each + $3.49 s&h (US)
Free shipping on additional copies.

Comic Book -- digital copy
Special Edition (28 pages + cover pages)
2 files: PDF and MOBI Panel View -- Great for tablets and phones.
Plus, includes a free PDF copy of the new Julian Peters' comic version
of "There Have Come Soft Rains." 
Reg $2.99 on Kindle, on sale now only $1.99!!

Classroom Pack -- 10 or more
You like poetry, but your students, eh, not so much.
Put this comic in their hands, and, voilà, they like poetry, too. 
Taught in Middle Schools through University.
$25 for 10, free shipping. Free Lessons.

(Ages 12+ based on Comixology standards. No graphic violence, nudity, or swearing. Some spookiness.)

John Philip Johnson, poet and writer

Coming soon in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (F&SF)
"Martian Garden"

and in Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine
"Chimpans and Humanzees"

Discussion phase for new Comic Book in 2017. Interested?
Stairs Appear in a Hole Outside of Town, a comic book of graphic poetry.

Amazing Stories says of it, "The best sort of narrative poems, which don’t just tell a story but catch you unawares, blow your mind open with a little twist and give you something to ponder."

Tim Green, editor of Rattle, says, "many stunning, surreal poems bridging the worlds of poetry and comics."

Twilight Zone type story-poems, from Rattle, Strange Horizons, Tales of the Zombie Wars, and at the Poetry Foundation, with five graphic artists, including Marvel Comics legend, Bob Hall, (Spiderman, Batman, West Coast Avengers). Sample comic at Rattle.comSee more rave reviews here. Elgin-award nominated comic book. Rhysling-award nominated poetry. Paper copies shipped to over 10 counties so far, and most of the 50 states.* Order yours today.
Five Great Graphic Artists
Marvel Comics legend Bob Hall, Internet phenom Julian Peters, Comics and Game illustrator Nate Hamel, fine artist Mike Lawlor, and introducing Margo and Sophie Johnson
Also of note, here's a student video made from "There Have Come Soft Rains" here, and somebody else made a meme of it which is being passed around on Tumblr, such as here, or here.

International Orders Paper Comics
If you want a paper copy instead of digital, then email us at johnjohnson68510 (at) yahoo (dot) com. International postage (in US$): Canada $7; UK $12; Oz, NZ and Elsewhere $14. Sorry, that's what they charge us. Plus, your country might charge duty.

* Besides most of the 50 states, paper copies of our comic have found a home in Australia, Canada, France, Greece, India, Israel, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Spain.